Information release rules

In order to accept government departments' supervision of prohibited information, establish a good website image, strengthen user experience, and provide customers with convenient product search services. Since November 2011, strengthen product management in the supply section. Establish a sound punishment system. Guide companies to release products according to rules. China Food Network Information Publishing Rules

A complete product supply information includes: product name, category, information title, pricing unit, quote, detailed description, picture. Cannot be modified after 3 days of successful posting!

1. Product name and information title

1) The product name must contain verbs. Words such as supply, wholesale, etc. The format of the information title is "verb + product name. For example: Wholesale Taiwan green beans, supply peanuts, seeds, etc. It must bear a clear product name (product modifiers can be added appropriately) and must be unique, for example: professional wholesale Taiwan green beans. Word count is best in 20-25

2) Cannot include government prohibited products (such as breast enhancement, specially licensed products) or products not related to the food wholesale industry.

3) It must be accurate, and the description of the entire paragraph is not allowed.

4) It is not allowed to replace the product name with only the model (plain letters, Arabic numerals or a combination of both). Such as: 123 or GF-326.

5) A product name (model) of the same company cannot appear repeatedly, it must be unique.

6) Cannot include company name.

7) Cannot include contact information such as website address, mobile phone number, QQ, and email address.

8) Cannot contain advertising information, pornographic violence, prohibited products, politically sensitive information, and spam information not related to the content of this site.

2. Industry Classification

Select the industry according to the product in the product name. The industry must be selected to the lowest level and the most relevant. If there is no appropriate classification in the system, you can choose "Other" or a custom classification.

3.Detailed explanation

1) The detailed description must be related to the effective description of the product in the title.

2) The description in pure foreign language cannot appear in the detailed description.

3) It is not allowed to upload obscene, vulgar, reactionary and other prohibited product pictures in the detailed description.

4) Information In the absence of pictures, the content must be detailed and complete, and must contain more than one description of the product (such as product use, packaging, material, etc.).

5) Must not contain non-site URLs and descriptions.


1) Obscene, vulgar, reactionary and other prohibited product pictures are not allowed.

2) No pictures unrelated to the product or company are allowed.

3) Pictures suspected of misappropriating the copyrights of others are not allowed.

4) No certificate picture is allowed.

Penalty rules:

1. Products that do not comply with the rules will be deleted and deducted multiple points.

2. Those who violate the rules repeatedly will be blocked member ID or IP.

3. Those involved in illegal acts will be transferred to public security organs for handling.

Editorial Department of China Food Network on December 1, 2011

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