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China Food Network (referred to as: China Food Network), is the first comprehensive portal of the Chinese food industry. Now it has accompanied the Chinese food industry through 17 spring and autumn periods, spanning two centuries and three generations, witnessing China Vientiane scenery for food development.

为宗旨,重在宣传党和国家发展食品产业的方针、政策,介绍国内外食品企业的先进经验,传播食品行业各种信息,指导和促进食品生产、流通、消费健康发展。 China Food Network takes “focusing on food safety and public health” as its purpose, focusing on propagating the Party and the country's policies and policies for the development of the food industry, introducing advanced experiences of domestic and foreign food companies, disseminating various information in the food industry, and guiding and promoting food production , Circulation, consumption and healthy development. At the same time, a series of activities will be launched to serve the government, service enterprises and the people.

China Food Network encourages food safety, encourages all people to participate in food safety work, advocates the whole society to pay attention to food safety, and becomes a position for the whole society to realize the Chinese dream and deliver positive energy.

China Food Network is based on the consumer field, facing the national market, paying attention to the national economy and the people ’s livelihood, and is the first to release relevant professional authority information and consumer prosperity forecasts; comprehensively report the latest industry trends, track economic trendsetters, provide professional and practical information, and advocate science, health and fashion Lifestyle; connecting production and marketing links and communicating market channels.

The impact and advantages of China Food Network in the food industry will further integrate resources and continue to innovate, making the website a first-class modern media that affects the country, radiates domestically and internationally in terms of comprehensive business, news content, and service quality, and contributes to the healthy development of the food industry. Suggestions and suggestions, and strive to become the authoritative news portal of the Chinese food industry.

Every step, we are practicing our dreams!

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