The walking life can be seen from the walking posture

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Everyone has their own walking gait, but did you know that there may be some secrets about health? The American "Caring" website publishes the research of experts of the American Plastic Surgery Association, summarizes 8 walking gaits, and can provide you with some health warning signals.
Clue one: walking slowly
Warning: short life
Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh in the United States concluded a total of 9 studies: The speed of walking can predict life length well, and it is relatively more accurate in people over 75 years of age. The average person walks at a speed of 0.9 meters per second. Those who walk below 0.6 meters per second are more likely to die, while those who walk faster than 1 meter per second live longer.
Clue two: The arm does not shake when walking
Warning: Problems under the back
Physiologists believe that when you walk your left leg forward, your spine will rotate to the right and your right arm will follow. If someone does not swing their arms very much while walking, it may mean that the mobility of his back is restricted, which can easily cause back pain and injury.
Expert Tips: Correct the walking posture first by correcting the standing posture
To correct a bad walking posture, start by correcting the standing posture. You can check yourself in the big mirror at home. People can't help but raise their heads when looking in the mirror. Then intentionally maintain an upright posture when walking, so as not to be inclined, not lean forward.
The correct posture when walking should be that the eyes look straight ahead, the head is slightly raised, the neck is straight, the chest is naturally straight forward, the waist is straight, the lower abdomen is raised, the hips are slightly rearward, and the focus point after walking is on the inside of the metatarsophalangeal joint .
Clue three: The soles of the feet first slap on the ground
Warning: disc herniation or stroke
The former chairman of the American Podiatric Association believes that when a healthy person walks, the heel first touches the ground. If someone walks with the soles of the feet, the ground first beats the ground. This is because their muscle control is weak, which means that it may be a stroke or a disc herniation. Compression of the nerves causes impaired muscle function.
Learn the correct posture of a lady
Head: The most ideal walking position. The head should be vertical. Don't stare at your feet, but keep your sight 3 to 6 meters in front. Imagine yourself like a doll with a rope connected to your hair and pulling you up. In this way, the cervical spine can reasonably support the weight of the head, relieve the pressure on the neck muscles, and the neck lines can be smoother and more beautiful.
Chest: Be sure not to include the chest. Instead, lift your chest up and tighten the lower abdomen and hips at the same time. This will tighten the body lines and the S curve of women will appear naturally.
Arm: Whether it's for heating or to be cool, don't leave the arm idle in the clothes pocket while walking. It's better to let the arm slightly bend and swing naturally with the pace to reflect the rhythm.
Shoulders: Let your shoulders relax, neither shrug forward nor collapse backwards. If you want to test the effect, you can let your friends look at it from the side. At this time, your ears, shoulders, hips, and knees should be in a straight line to make your posture more straight and confident.
Breathing: It is also very important to pay attention to the adjustment of breathing when walking, because breathing will affect people's posture. When your breathing is short or shallow, your upper body will become tighter, which can lead to hump and shrugs, so you can intentionally adjust your breathing while walking. It is recommended to take three breaths and then exhale once.
Hip: When walking, do not expect the waist to bear all the weight, but focus on the hips. This will not only help maintain a straight posture, but also reduce the burden on the waist. After all, it is not too soft by nature Suitable for heavy work.
Clue four: small stride
Warning: knee bone degradation
The moment the heel touches the ground, the knee should remain straight. If this is not the case, it means that there may be limited movement of the kneecap or extension of the buttocks. This degradation can be resolved by massage.
Clue five: The ring-shaped legs
Warning: Osteoarthritis
Orthopaedic experts believe that this gait is usually caused by knee arthritis. Up to 85% of the population suffers from this orthopedic disease, which is usually caused by bone loss due to age. If severe, Can be corrected by the bracket.
Clue 6: Inside Eight Characters
Warning: Rheumatoid Arthritis
This inflammation can cause a gait inside the zigzag, and 85% of rheumatoid arthritis patients show this characteristic. It is medically known as a knee valgus or valgus foot, which manifests as a failure of the calf to straighten and bend outward. This gait is very different and looks awkward, with the knees close together and the ankles valgus.
Clue 7: Walking on tiptoes
Warning: possible brain damage
Walking on tiptoes is related to muscle tension, which can also happen when the spine or brain is damaged. It should be noted that most children who have just learned to walk will temporarily exhibit this gait, and don't need to worry. If this is the case, they can take the child to a pediatric clinic for investigation.
Clue eight: jumping and walking
Warning: Calf muscles are too tight
This gait is more common in women. Podiatrists believe that this is because their calf muscles are too tight because they wear high heels for a long time, and their heels will quickly rise when they touch the ground.
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