Plants are also life, aren't they killing?

Date: 2015-08-06 Source: China Food Network Browse: 38109
When I explain to others why we want to be vegetarian, the most commonly asked question is: If eating animals causes animal suffering, then plants are also life. Would n’t eating plants cause them pain?
Of course, I don't think that the person who said this would say it because of his pity for plants. He just wanted to find a legitimate reason to continue eating meat. Of course, it is obviously difficult to kill a pig without causing any pain. It is difficult to find such a cooperative pig. When it was killed, it was generous to say nothing. Therefore, people who have a strong interest in meat have thought of other counterattack methods. They hope to put meat eaters and vegetarians on the same moral level through such problems. They hope to prove that you chew a cabbage. It makes cabbage feel hurt. This way vegetarians lose the moral superiority of blaming carnivores, which may lead them to shut up.
However, as a Buddhist, I don't think such a question will make me speechless. First of all, Buddhism does not think that plants can cause pain, because plants belong to Yi Bao, and the six sentient beings of the six reincarnation belong to Zheng Bao. Yi Bao includes our living environment, our clothes, our potted plants and the like. According to the report with the report, if you become an emperor now, your surroundings will change. This is according to the report with the report. But as a reported plant, there is no sense. You take a bite of your clothes and it won't roar: what are you doing? The same is true of plants. He does not belong to sentient beings. It has no mind. Of course, some people will say that in some scientific experiments, plants also have induction. I think that these tested plants are attached to other beings, and the tested response belongs to those beings, but because these beings cannot be seen by the naked eye, the plants are mistaken for beings that have emotions and impulses.
Leaving aside Buddhism, what we can see is that plants have a very strong ability to regenerate. You pick an apple and grow another one the next year. However, we have never seen a chicken that cut off a chicken leg and grew another leg the following year. All this suggests to us which one we should choose as food.
Sometimes I will directly ask the person who asked that question: Do you really care about plants? If the other party is more honest, he will not say: Yes. If a person doesn't even care about the obvious pain of animals, it's hard to convince me that you are a caring person.
Others will say: I'm eating San Jing Rou. But it was difficult for him to prove it. What he refers to as sanjing meat refers to the flesh of all beings that he didn't kill himself. But Buddhism's definition of sanjing meat is meat whose cause of death has nothing to do with you. You can't say that the cause of death of the fish you eat has nothing to do with you. Although you did not buy the fisherman to fish it up. But if there is no demand from you, the fisherman will not run to catch it, and there will not even be a fisherman. It will stay safe in the water.
Of course you may say that it is not the only person in the world who is eating fish, and this demand is not caused by you alone. But if the fish died abnormally and you happen to buy it again, then this debt will not be counted on other people. Of course, if the fish wanted to commit suicide because of falling in love with the river or died of a flu, then if you happen to encounter his body, then the Buddha will not oppose you as his food, and you will not bear any cause and effect. This is the real sanjing meat.
Basically, now you are not more likely to eat Sanjing meat than you are to meet Bush at your doorstep. I don't think you have a chance to eat the meat of the end-of-life animals every day.
There is also a wrong motivation for vegetarianism. I think it is necessary to mention that many people are not vegetarian because they are distressed by animals, but just to make themselves healthier or sexier. I don't think this is the right reason to be a vegetarian. Of course, if you want to attract a person to be vegetarian and you do n’t find too much sadness in her, you can use words like beauty, health, and green food to seduce her to join the vegetarian diet, but you should be very Clearly, these are not reasons to be vegetarian. If your vegetarian diet just makes you more obsessed with your figure, then you might as well not eat it. Although your behavior objectively reduces the chance of animals being slaughtered, it does nothing to your practice. Any act of encouragement to self-confidence is considered a Buddhist should give up.
We didn't choose vegetarian food to be fashionable or to teach those carnivores, we just didn't want more beings to experience hell-like pain because we wanted to eat. Because of these beings, no one has ever been our loved one.
It can also be pointed out that animals have strong perceptions, rich emotional experiences, emotional feelings, crying and joy, complex neural systems like us, flesh and bones, and clear perception of pain. Be affectionate, have righteousness, and know the environment. . . Plants can grow, but they are obviously very different from us (sometimes called mammals), obviously from animals: very different.
Walking (stepping on bugs), turning over (squeezing to small creatures), drinking water (fine worm eggs), washing hands ......... We mortals cannot completely avoid harming life, but we should never intentionally hurt Life!
Don't make excuses for killing animals and eating flesh and blood to reduce tragedy.
Why doesn't eating plants kill?
What are the criteria for killing? In Buddhism, animals are called affectionate. Feeling means animals that have feelings, thoughts, and feelings. Humans have thoughts, feelings, and memories, and belong to advanced animals. Those animals that have memories, nerves, and sensations can feel hot and cold, and pain, such as ants, are low-level animals. Whether it is a high-level animal or a low-level animal, it is a range where we cannot kill. Plants, like vegetables, don't feel or feel pain. Belongs to the scope of ruthless life. The "Xunzi · Feixiang Pian" said: "Water and fire have gas and no life, plants and animals have life and ignorance, and animals and animals have knowledge and no sense. "
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