Is it really harmful to health to drink tea?

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Many tea friends will find a problem when drinking tea. After the tea soup is cold, the color will become cloudy and it will not taste good.

Why is this? Is it harmful to my health to drink cold tea?

Most of the aroma substances in tea are high-boiling aromatic organics, which can be volatilized to gas at high temperatures. Therefore, the hot tea with higher temperature has a high aroma and a good taste.

If the temperature of the tea soup is lowered, the aroma of the freshly brewed tea leaves, the warmth of the mouth, sweetness, and flavor will all lose their original taste as the tea cools down.

After the temperature of tea is lowered, the tea polyphenols and vitamins in the tea soup will be easily oxidized, and the nutrient content will gradually decrease. The tea is left for a long time and exposed to the air, it is easy to breed spoilage microorganisms and make the tea taste and spoil.

The concept of tea soup that has been left for a long time after brewing at high temperature is not the same as cold tea. Cold tea refers to tea brewed with cold boiling water, which does not damage the nutrients in the tea soup. There will be no darkening, bittering or bitterness, and no harmful substances will be produced.

Not only does the cold tea have a bad aroma, but it may also breed microorganisms, which will make the tea taste bad, and harmful substances will increase, so try not to drink it.

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