How does a good wine create a new marketing method for the liquor industry?

Date: 2017-12-27 Source: China Food Network Browse: 28588

Since the last successful entry into the art world, a great wine has come to cross the border again, this time they even want to enter the literary world! On December 1, 2017, Jinliufu · Yintan Fine Wine “My 2017” contest with prizes was officially opened. As for a series of innovative marketing methods such as essay contests, Jinliufu · Yintan Good Wine has unique insights.

For a long time, people still have stereotypes about liquor companies. They believe that liquor is a necessity for entertainment on the wine table, an indispensable part of business talks, and a wave of waves of liquor such as Maotai, Wuliangye, and Luzhou Laojiao. Rising prices.

And the recognition of the marketing methods of liquor products is also based on traditional advertising: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and other traditional media are the main channels for consumers to learn about liquor brands for a long time.

However, with the impact of new media marketing on traditional media, traditional forms of advertising can no longer meet the requirements of the industry. New media marketing has been driven by the general trend. The liquor industry is using marketing activities that are in line with the trend of the times to eliminate this stereotype, and at the same time narrow the distance with consumers, so that more people understand the liquor industry.

In terms of marketing, a good wine has been taking a different approach. From the previous "Double Million" spread to the first global pottery drawing competition, veteran wine giving, creative photography competition, creative cultural shirt design competition, and now the "My 2017" essay competition activities, completely broke the liquor company's push for new products This method is undoubtedly the most innovative new product in the industry. A series of innovative consumer activities have swept the screen of the circle of friends, provoking industry nerves.

The excellent product quality of a good wine has injected unlimited source of power into the innovation of marketing strategies. 20 national winemakers + post-90 winemakers from Jindong Group participated in the whole process, gathered the advantages of the entire Jindong Group, and dedicatedly created a good wine. 496 Chen Chu craftsmanship, top-secret formula mastered by only 3 people, safe, healthy and mellow wine are all breakthrough innovations in the liquor industry. On the packaging, a good wine is carefully designed to create "ecological packaging". The combination of pottery paper and hemp is used to allow the wine to fully breathe, make the taste better, and highlight the artistic essence of a good wine.

A successful brand passes to consumers not only the most valuable high-quality products and quality commitments of an enterprise, but also the humanized features, cultural characteristics and brand spirit reflected by the source brand itself; The cultivation of emotions and the sublimation of social emotions. It is for this reason that a great wine has launched an essay contest, calling on everyone to return to the culture itself in the era of the Internet, and record the wonderful moments of 2017 with the tip of a pen.

The competition is still in full swing. If you are willing to record meaningful moments in 2017 and share them with everyone, then participate in the submission immediately to win prizes.

A good wine will be published on WeChat and Weibo. It remains to be seen who will spend the 18,888 yuan cash prize and the return ticket.

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