How about running a tea shop with Xiaomi's cost-effective marketing method?

Date: 2018-05-14 Source: China Food Network Browse: 25811
   Although Xiaomi's business is completely different from the milk tea business, it can be seen from Xiaomi that "cost-effectiveness" is always the unbreakable truth in the business. When Xiaomi was on the rise, the same hardware configuration of the mobile phone only needed half of the price of the same international brand, and it would instantly die for support.

The first premise for making reeled milk tea is the quality of milk tea. The quality of milk tea must be of high quality. The premise is to use genuine materials, milk should be used for milk, black tea should be used for black tea, and water purifier should be used. If you use purified water, you should use white sugar. You can use only white sugar, and black tea uses branded black tea. Is n’t Xiaomi using Qualcomm ’s processor? Milk is imported milk. Do n’t make creamer. Already.

Similarly, the milk tea business is actually a reeling business, so what is the practice of milk tea? When choosing the path of milk tea business, you can choose to go the tall apple route, which is the fine milk tea route we have always mentioned before, otherwise it is the reeling route, which is completely cost-effective. Unfortunately, from the perspective of the entire industry, there is currently no apple in the milk tea industry. We will discuss the whole issue later. Today we will talk about how to follow the silk thread. The Internet has been flowing to the silk reel for a while. This is why. The users who can get 屌 丝, the reason is very simple, that is, they can afford to lose, and make 屌 丝 feel that they can make money.

Therefore, cost-effectiveness is the main dimension. The so-called cost-effectiveness does not refer to a simple low price. The premise is sex, which is performance and quality. The latter is the price problem. Without the previous quality and quality, the latter price is not meaningful. This is why China's copycat phone can't finally become a climate. In fact, Xiaomi is just a copycat phone with good quality, but Xiaomi has controlled the quality, so it succeeded.


The second most important thing is the taste. The taste is actually very simple. It does n’t need the taste like a master. It ’s usually on the upper side. Many people experiment with the formula every day. I do n’t understand. The key issue of milk tea is stability. Now, the materials are used with conscience, is there really such a big difference in taste, I don't believe it.

The performance problem is clear, and the price is a problem. After using the real materials, how to price it? The original milk tea is the one that does not add anything. The OK price is too low to scare people. It must be lower than Others' expectations, the price of milk and standard black tea materials is the same as that of ordinary creamer milk tea, and it is basically sold at a modest profit margin. Then someone will ask immediately, how to make money?


Let me mention a few points.

1. Make money by adding ingredients. Do n’t many girls like red beans, fairy grass, OK? In addition, add money, this will be a bit more expensive, and profits mainly come out of these additions. Doesn't Xiaomi make a lot of money from accessories?

2. High cost performance, will definitely bring better traffic, small profits but quick turnover, you know.

To win by volume, there are one or two types of base tea and basic milk tea. The production process and technology are the simplest, and the lowest possible cost is suppressed.

3. Once a high cost-effective brand is established, it will be attractive to people and talk to the mall about low rents.

Once it has become a source of EBARA, you can drive down the material prices of suppliers and make profits.

In such a sluggish milk tea market, I am very optimistic that a spoiler like Xiaomi came out to shake the market. If I come to open a milk tea franchise store, I must start from this method. Interested or need to know more, please consult the Fengcha official website Thank you!

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