Avoid the "summer" in summer

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Editor's note: The summer heat is here, which means that the hottest season of the year is here. When the temperature is too high, people can easily suffer from heat stroke, and severe heat stroke may be life-threatening. So how do we keep fit and avoid heat stroke in the face of hot weather? Check out this special topic —
Heat stroke is more harmful
When the air temperature exceeds 35 ° C, as the external temperature is close to the human body temperature, or even exceeds the normal temperature of the human body, it will cause obstacles to human body temperature regulation. It mainly affects the human body's convection and radiation, which causes body heat to accumulate, body temperature to rise, and prone to heat stroke. If you work in a high temperature environment for a certain period of time, and there are not enough measures to prevent heatstroke, the heatstroke is more likely to occur, especially when the humidity is greater than 60% and the ventilation is poor.
It should be emphasized that although many office workers work in air-conditioned rooms, the probability of heat stroke is also very high. The reason is that when entering the air-conditioned room with a very low room temperature from a very hot outside environment, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too large. Traveling or traveling in other places, driving or flying for a long time, not replenishing water in a timely manner, poor ventilation and cooling conditions can easily lead to heat stroke. When I go to the gym to exercise, I do n’t get enough water because of sweating a lot, and I also get a heat stroke when I go out from an air-conditioned room.
People with mild heatstroke may experience dizziness, headache, nausea, thirst, sweating, general fatigue, palpitation, chest tightness, flushing, body temperature rising above 38 ° C, or pale, wet limbs, blood pressure, and pulse. In severe cases, high fever, body temperature exceeding 41 ℃, no sweat, unconsciousness such as drowsiness, slurred speech, unconsciousness, convulsions of hands and feet, and even shock, heart failure, pulmonary edema, brain edema, etc. Therefore, once someone suffers from heat stroke and the above-mentioned symptoms, the patient should be immediately taken to a cool and ventilated place to rest quietly. The conscious person can add a lot of salty refreshing drinks or intravenous drip of glucose saline. If the heatstroke falls to the ground, the person's midpoint should be pressed; those whose body temperature rises should be physically cooled, rubbed in cold water, put ice packs on the head, armpits, and groin, etc. At the same time, massage the skin of the limbs, expand the skin blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, and promote patients restore. If heart failure, dyspnea, subcutaneous bleeding, yellowing of the whole body, and coma occur, they should be sent to a nearby hospital for treatment without delay.
There are ways to avoid the "summer"
Outdoor manual workers should try to avoid prolonged activities in the hot sun. If you need work, it ’s best to wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothes and a wide-brimmed hat when going out. For indoor workers to maintain ventilation, air-conditioning can be used to reduce the temperature, but the air-conditioning temperature should not be too low. After working in an air-conditioned environment for a period of time, you should take time to go outdoors and perform heat-resistant exercises to improve your body's ability to adapt.
Exercise should be appropriate: To reduce the amount of exercise in summer, it is best to choose to carry out in the early morning or evening when the weather is cooler. The venue should be selected in the fresh air, such as rivers and lakes, parks and gardens, and the time is preferably half an hour. When sweating too much during exercise, drink light salt water or mung bean brine soup appropriately. When the temperature reaches 35 ℃ or above, stop exercise and maintain adequate drinking water. At the same time, some regular heatstroke drugs such as almond, wind oil essence, refreshing oil, Huoxiangzhengqi water should be carried with you.
Replenish water in a timely manner: Summers are hot and hot, and people's digestive function is relatively weak, so you can adjust your diet. The diet should be light, eat more vegetables and fruits, and eat less fatty fried food. Regular consumption of winter melon barley porridge, mung bean kelp soup, mung bean porridge, and moderate amounts of melon and fruit, such as watermelon, winter melon, cold melon and other food to relieve heat, can effectively avoid heat stroke. You also need to add water frequently every day. The simplest is to drink plenty of water or salt water. When drinking salt water, drink it a few times to prevent heat stroke. You can also drink fruit juice, yogurt, tea, etc.
Do not adjust the temperature of the air conditioner too low: When using the air conditioner, pay attention to opening the window in a timely manner to ventilate. Reasonably set the air-conditioning temperature. After the indoor temperature runs at 26 ° C for a period of time, it is best to set it to 27 ° C. Do not adjust the air-conditioning temperature too low. The air-conditioning temperature should be controlled between 5 ° C and 10 ° C. Otherwise, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, but it is prone to heat stroke and cold.
Reasonable sleep: The occurrence of heat stroke is also related to sleep. People are advised to arrange their work and rest reasonably to ensure sufficient sleep in order to be full and strengthen their physical resistance.
Watch out for air conditioning
Every three volt days in summer, air-conditioning illnesses will catch on. Many people think that the hot blast caused by air-conditioned rooms is the legendary air-conditioning disease. Air-conditioning disease refers to a series of diseases such as the respiratory system and digestive system caused by blowing air-conditioning. In contemporary medicine, there is no such term as air-conditioning disease.
People who work and study in an air-conditioned environment for a long time will suffer from headaches, dry skin, runny nose, fever, cough, diarrhea, rheumatic pain, allergies, and memory loss due to poor air circulation and poor indoor air quality.
This is because in very hot weather, sweating all over, the skin is loose, and the pore sweat glands are open. Once you enter a room with a low temperature, the temperature of the skin surface will soon become low, and the sweat glands will contract, as a result of the intrusion of cold air. The body's body temperature regulation central response is not so fast. The heat in the body is not emitted, but is surrounded by cold air. The heat and cold meet, the human body is easily cold, and cold symptoms will occur.
Symptoms of air-conditioning disease vary depending on each person's physical fitness and ability to adapt, as well as different installation conditions and different positions in the air-conditioning. Generally, there are the following categories:
Fear of cold, dizziness, stuffy nose, sneezing;
Tiredness, tinnitus, nervousness, irritability, poor sleep;
Neck and shoulder discomfort, backache, back pain, muscles and joints pain in the limbs;
Dry eyes, dazzling eyes, thirst, sore throat, poor skin texture; cold and even numb hands and feet, irregular menstruation, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, etc.
This kind of phenomenon is called "air conditioning syndrome" or "air conditioning disease". Mainly due to the operation of air-conditioning, dry air, low air temperature, air circulation and indoor air pollution are the four major diamonds.

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