Notice of the Consumer Council of Hainan Province on Printing and Distributing the Guidance for the Unreasonable Return of Goods Purchased in Physical Stores in Hainan Province (Trial) (Qiong Jianban [2019] No. 127)

Date: 2019-04-26 Source: Consumer Commission of Hainan Province Browse: 4849
Municipalities, counties, and Yangpu Economic Development Zone Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, provincial bureaus (offices, offices), and directly-affiliated units:
The "Guide to Returning Products Without a Reason to Buy in a Store in Hainan Province (Trial)" is hereby issued to you. All cities and counties should do a good job of publicity of the guidelines, strongly encourage the launch of offline physical stores in accordance with the guidelines to make unreasonable return commitments, actively create a safe and comfortable market consumption environment, and actively promote the "reliable consumption in Hainan" brand. If you encounter any problems during the trial implementation of the guidelines, please report them to the Provincial Market Supervision Administration and the Provincial Consumer Council in a timely manner.
Hainan Provincial Consumer Affairs Commission
March 15, 2019
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