Notice of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on Carrying out the 100-day Operation to Implement the Self-inspection of African Swine Fever and the Official Veterinary Veterinary System in the Pig Slaughtering Process (Nongmingzi [2019] No. 20)

Date: 2019-04-26 Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Views: 5062
Departments (bureaus, commissions) of agriculture and rural areas (agriculture, animal husbandry, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine) of various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:
The slaughtering process is the key link between the production and marketing of live pigs. The implementation of the African swine fever self-inspection system and the official veterinary dispatch system (hereinafter referred to as the "two systems") is crucial to cutting off the virus transmission chain and fighting the African swine fever. In order to implement the instructions issued by leading comrades of the State Council that "the two systems must be implemented 100%", the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs decided to organize a 100-day operation to implement the "two systems" from now until the end of July. The relevant requirements are notified as follows.
I. Identify key tasks
All localities must strictly follow the "Notice of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on Strengthening the Detection of African Swine Fever in the Slaughtering Link" (Nongmufa [2019] No. 7) and the "Emergency Notice of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on Implementing the Official Veterinary Quarantine Supervision System for the Slaughtering Link" (Agricultural and Rural Areas) Mingzi [2019] No. 16) requires that the key time node be stuck and it takes about 100 days to achieve "three clears, four clears and two clear solutions", that is, the basic situation of the slaughter company is clear, the situation of the African swine fever self-check is clear, The official veterinary staffing situation is clear; the special action mission is clear, the "two systems" progress is clear, the government and corporate responsibility are clear, the source of pigs and pig products are clear; the problem of elimination of backward slaughtering enterprises is basically solved, and the issue of official veterinary equipment is basically solved. All localities should clarify their work goals, specify task requirements in a timely manner, and adopt inverting procedures to promote the implementation of the "two systems" on schedule.
Second, keep an eye on key time nodes
Since April 15, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has implemented a weekly scheduling system for work progress. Before April 30, the basic information of all slaughtering enterprises in the country entered the database, and an electronic file of slaughtering enterprise information was initially established. Before May 1st, all pig slaughtering enterprises that slaughtered 50,000 to 100,000 pigs per year were self-inspected. Before May 15th, fill the gap of official veterinarians in all slaughter companies. Before July 1, all pig slaughter enterprises with an annual slaughter volume of less than 50,000 heads achieved self-inspection. Prior to July 31, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued a list of all legal and compliant pig slaughtering companies in the country. Before the end of 2019, all relevant information of pig slaughtering companies will be included in the electronic quarantine certificate electronic certification system, which will be linked to the quarantine certification to achieve precise supervision.
Third, strengthen the technical support for detection
Localities should urge pig slaughtering companies to standardize sampling and testing, and urge diagnostic reagent manufacturers to help slaughtering companies refine African swine fever detection standards and operating procedures, strengthen technical training for slaughtering companies, and ensure accurate test results; Production and supply supervision work to ensure that the quality of African swine fever virus diagnostic reagents is stable and adequate. The China Animal Disease Prevention and Control Center shall do a good job of comparing and evaluating testing reagents, and strengthen follow-up testing to ensure that the quality meets the requirements. Once it is found that the quality does not meet the requirements, it shall be deleted from the recommended list. The Veterinary Drug Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs shall accelerate the review process of diagnostic reagents for African swine fever virus and implement priority review.
Fourth, standardize the quarantine supervision during slaughter
All localities shall, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, dispatch official veterinarians to slaughter enterprises holding a fixed-point slaughter certificate for pigs, and ensure that the number of official veterinarians on site can meet the needs of the work. If the official veterinary personnel of animal health supervision institutions in a few regions cannot meet the needs of slaughter, quarantine and supervision and law enforcement in a short period of time, they can be supplemented with various forms in combination with actual conditions. All localities must strictly implement the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Announcement No. 119, and the official veterinarians at the site shall supervise the pig slaughtering enterprises to comprehensively carry out the inspection of African swine fever in accordance with the principle of "batch approval, full coverage", and meet the requirements before issuing animal quarantine certificates. It is strictly forbidden to issue animal quarantine certificates for pig products that have not been tested or tested positive for African swine fever.
V. Strengthen supervision and supervision
Regarding the implementation of the "two systems" in various places, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will conduct weekly dispatching, wall charting operations, reminding reminders, monthly summaries, reconciliation, and other methods to conduct supervision and inspection. According to the progress, the leading group and office will sort And notified. For provinces with slow progress in the implementation of the "two systems," the state-run inspection office will urge local people's governments to step up their efforts; for provinces with severely lagging progress, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will jointly negotiate with the state-run inspection office for provinces The people's government at the first level is in charge of comrades. Provincial agricultural and rural departments shall organize the implementation of the "two systems" supervision of pig slaughtering enterprises and cities and counties within their jurisdictions, and may report to the provincial people's governments for supervision by issuing letters of supervision when necessary. For pig slaughtering enterprises that have not implemented the African swine fever self-inspection system within the prescribed period, they must take measures such as sewage discharge permits and animal epidemic prevention conditions to take measures to suspend production. If the rectification fails to meet the standards, the designated slaughtering qualifications shall be cancelled. Cities and counties that fail to implement official veterinary equipment within the prescribed time limit shall be promptly notified of criticism, and may be supervised when necessary.
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs
April 25, 2019
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