Jilin rice-producing areas in the major agricultural province snapped up green rice on Kaixian e-commerce store Long

Date: 2019-09-20 Source: China News Network Browse: 1853
China News Agency, Jilin, September 19th. In late September, Jilin, a major agricultural province in China, entered the autumn harvest season. The 74-year-old Qiao Mingru came to the golden rice field early in the morning, wielded a sickle, cut the first rice paddy of the year, and cheered at the scene.
On the 19th, the rice field in Dahuangdi Village, Gudianzi Town, Jilin City, Jilin Province was planted. The "old-style" Qiao Mingru, who had planted rice for more than 50 years, was only a "show" for the ceremony. Behind him, a dozen rice harvesters have started and are ready to go.
Qiao Mingru said that in the early years, this land was called "big wasteland" because it was wasteland. However, since the trial of new rural land transfer here in 2011, the intensive management and mechanized farming model of modern planting enterprises have completely activated this sleeping land.
In today's large wasteland village, cameras are installed in the fields, and wireless sensors collect real-time lighting, temperature, humidity and other parameters of agricultural production sites. Workers can monitor crop growth in real-time in modern agricultural monitoring halls.
As a locally recognized expert in rice planting soil, Qiao Mingru became the technical director of rice planting in the wasteland village. "There is no organic fertilizer here except organic fertilizer. Originally, it cost more than ten yuan per catty (RMB, the same below). Some organic rice can now sell for hundreds of yuan, which is in short supply." He said.
The reporter interviewed in Dahuangdi Village found that, before the autumn harvest season, the major e-commerce platforms in China had already targeted here. In China, green organic rice is becoming more and more popular with consumers. Many e-commerce platforms have spotted business opportunities and have come to the field to "grab rice."
"Every September is the peak season for rice-based food products on the e-commerce platform. We expect to sell 2,000 tons of Jilin rice to consumers in the country within three days." Chao Xiang said.
Bao Chaoxiang said that by focusing on the source bases of various industries, the company uses large-scale direct sales methods to create high-explosive agricultural products.
Liu Yanfeng, chairman of Jilin Dongfu Rice Industry, introduced that the wasteland rice is becoming the darling of e-commerce. At present, the company has cooperated with ten appliance manufacturers. "Rice online sales now account for about 1/8 of total sales, and our ultimate goal is to achieve 1/2."
It is reported that the Jilin Rice brand, which has been concentrated in various rice-producing regions in Jilin Province in recent years, has been well recognized by consumers. Data show that through brand leadership, Jilin rice sales increased from 1.5 billion catties in 2017 to 1.8 billion catties in 2018, an increase of 20%. (Finish)
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