Yidu, Hubei constructs an ultra-short link from agricultural products to the dining table, one fresh egg to the dining table for three days

Date: 2019-12-04 Source: Farmers Daily Browse: 2985
The employees of Yufuyuan show the fresh eggs that can't be broken. Data map
Yidu City, Hubei Province was a bit cold at the end of November, but in the egg and fruit warehouse of the e-commerce company "Yufuyuan", the packing workers were busy. Eggs are produced from chicken farms, and can reach consumers in Hubei Province on the third day, and consumers across the country within five days. With the help of the e-commerce platform, Hubei Agricultural Products is gradually building an ultra-short link from the "first mile" of the field to the "last mile" of the table.
Directly to the base for three days to eat fresh eggs
In just three days, a fresh egg can be delivered to consumers from the output. This new model of direct base access is restructuring the industrial ecology of fresh eggs.
Yufu Garden is a fresh e-commerce company on the Pinduoduo platform. In its poultry and egg warehouse in Yidu, Hubei, boxes of fresh eggs are transported from the chicken farm and sorted by warehouse staff. The broken fresh eggs were removed, and the qualified fresh eggs were put in a carton equipped with a shockproof card, filled with rice husks and packed and sent to all parts of the country.
Jian Xianhong, the person in charge of the warehouse, introduced that fresh eggs are fresh. The eggs are produced from the chicken farm, and then concentrated in the poultry egg store the next day. After sorting, packaging and transportation, the third day is delivered to consumers in Hubei Province. Reach consumers across the country within five days.
"Eggs from chicken farms are collected by middlemen, and then pulled to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other large cities, and then distributed to farmers' markets through second- and third-tier distributors. It takes at least 10 days. Through the e-commerce platform, the time is reduced by at least half. "Jian Xianhong said.
Preservation and transportation of fresh eggs is the first problem for e-commerce. Yufuyuan worked hard on the packaging of fresh eggs, customized thickened cardboard boxes, partitioned with shock-proof cardboard, put each fresh egg separately, filled it with rice hulls, covered it with a bubble bag, and finally packed it. "Some businesses use foam cotton that is not breathable, and fresh eggs are particularly easy to break in the summer." Jian Xianhong said that the bubble bag is more breathable, while filling with rice husks is breathable in summer and insulated in winter. At the scene, Jian Xianhong picked up the egg box and slammed the ground three or five times. After opening, each egg was still intact.
In Yufuyuan's official flagship store, the current package price of 30 fresh eggs is 25.8 yuan. If consumers receive broken eggs, they will be compensated in proportion. Jian Xianhong introduced that egg prices have soared this year, an increase of 40% over the same period last year. The packaging and labor cost of a box of 30 eggs is 5 yuan. Eliminating the intermediate links through the e-commerce platform directly gives benefits to consumers, ensuring the stability of the retail price of the platform, and an average of 300,000 eggs can be sold in a day.
In order to ensure the quality of eggs, Yufuyuan Fresh Products adopts the model of "company + farmer" to build a demonstration base. The chicken farms it cooperates with are standardized factory buildings, uniformly providing chicken seedlings, feed, and unified purchase, and each batch is regularly inspected. The standard of quality control is formed; and the selected fresh eggs are 40--50 grams of "medium eggs", and the laying hens are "young chickens" of 130-250 days of age.
Pick and send fresh tangerines
"The oranges sent from the mountain are immediately cleaned and packed, and can be shipped as soon as the night." Said Wang Hui, head of the fruit warehouse.
The fruit warehouse in Yufu Garden is also a busy scene. The big truck unloads a basket of freshly picked tangerines and immediately sends them to the automatic washing machine; after the various dead leaves and dust on the surface of the tangerine are cleaned, they are weighed in turn on a conveyor belt, and automatically size-graded. Tangerines are immediately packed and shipped. This set of equipment can wash 15,000 pounds of fruit in one hour. Tangerines are packed according to diameters of 50, 60, and 65 mm to meet different market needs.
Right now, it is the sales period of Yichang mandarin orange and navel orange. Wang Hui said that local mandarin oranges and navel oranges are picked and sent to the warehouse for cleaning and sorting, and then sent to the country immediately for express delivery.
At the Phoenix Mountain Base in Banyue Town, Dangyang City, Yichang, 46-year-old Liu Wenjian was busy picking oranges by Zhang Luo farmers, and trucks were waiting for loading. Liu Wenjian said that this year is a small year for mandarin oranges, with less production than last year, coupled with drought and small fruits, but the purchase price has doubled this year.
Before 2012, Liu Wenjian worked as a farmer at home. In addition to taking care of 20 acres of oranges, he had to go out to work frequently. "In the past, fruit merchants came to the house to receive the goods. They said they had as much money as they said." Liu Wenjian remembered that in 2008 it was snowing. After 2012, Liu Wenjian took more than 30 farmers to set up cooperatives, dedicated to the reputation of Fuyuan e-commerce channels.
"The e-commerce platform is guaranteed to be purchased, and the sales volume is not worrying." Liu Wenjian said happily that the e-commerce platform has standardized the requirements for the cultivation of oranges. To this end, Liu Wenjian organizes three or five training sessions for farmers each year. Now sales are not worrying, Liu Wenjian does not need to go out to work, busy harvesting season is too busy, Henan and other surrounding farmers will come to pick up work.
"Cloud Warehouse + Platform" Establish a New Mechanism for Upgrading Agricultural Products
In order to better promote the upward movement of agricultural products, the first agricultural cloud warehouse project named by Hubei Supply and Marketing Co., Ltd. will be settled in Yichang. Yidu Supply and Marketing Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation with Hubei Yufu Garden to cultivate the agricultural product market in Hubei.
Supply and marketing Yuncang, as the leader of the storage system of the supply and marketing cooperative integration system, its core services include cloud warehouse collection and distribution, B2B business, terminal express integration business, shared storage platform and supply chain system, providing integrated solutions for storage logistics enterprises and industrial customers.
Zhu Daopeng, general manager of Yufu Garden, introduced that the project will build a warehouse with a production area of more than 30,000 square meters in Yichang, Hubei, and a 5,000 square meter cold storage, with a total investment of about 200 million yuan. In the future, the cloud warehouse management system will reasonably distribute inventory based on data, automatically fulfill orders, and automatically allocate inventory distribution based on the owner of the goods. It will optimize inventory and drive upstream supply chain replenishment, which can effectively reduce agricultural product logistics costs, shorten logistics transportation time, and Agricultural product circulation efficiency.
For example, agricultural product cooperatives that cooperate with Yuncang, seamlessly connect the order system data, receive order information at any time, and provide one-stop service for the entire process of order review, billing, packaging, inspection, distribution, weighing, and delivery.
The rapid development of Yufu Garden is inseparable from the support of Pinduoduo. On November 20, Pinduoduo's third-quarter financial report for 2019 showed that as of September 30, 2019, the platform had 535.3 million active buyers annually. The uplink ultra-short links of agricultural products it created are continuing to improve Chinese agricultural products. Circulation and production efficiency. In 2018, the platform achieved sales of 65.3 billion yuan in agricultural products. On this basis, agricultural products on the platform will continue to double in 2019.
At the same time, Pinduoduo continued to promote the optimization and reorganization of various production factors in rural areas. Relying on the upward system of “Farm Directly Connected Communities” and the new rural production model of “front store and back factory”, sellers in the platform rural areas can sell characteristic agricultural products to the national market on a large scale, including Hubei Yichang Tangerine, Zigui Navel Orange, Hubei Fresh Eggs are hot in the country.
The new supply-demand relationship has also driven the emergence and expansion of a number of types of work, including operations, testing, packaging, logistics, etc., and has created a large number of new employment opportunities for rural areas. Non-residents in the rural population, including the elderly and women, Skilled people can earn more income by renting land and being hired.
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