Defending the "security on the tongue" of the people

Date: 2019-12-26 Source: Guangming Daily Browse: 6801
The use of food additives beyond the limits and limits, the illegal addition of non-edible substances to food, the management of unqualified or unqualified meat, the production and operation of cottage food, the illegal use of pesticides, and the false promotion of health food ... Matters have always been the focus of the masses' attention.
In September this year, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission took the lead, and the State Administration of Market Supervision, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs set up a 14-unit joint working group to launch a joint action on food safety issues nationwide To crack down on food safety violations. Staff from various places went to the countryside, the surrounding campus, the urban-rural junction, tourist attractions, farmer wholesale markets, exhibitions and sales promotion fairs, etc., to find out the clues and find out.
File a case to investigate and rectify false propaganda
At the end of February 2019, the Market Supervision Bureau of Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province discovered that someone had imported an imported candy "Hummer Sugar" from Malaysia via WeChat, Taobao, etc., and claimed that the candy had health benefits and could effectively enhance male sexual function. The bureau purchased samples for testing and determined that the candy contains western medicine ingredients of tadalafil and its derivative desmethyl tadalafil, which is a toxic and harmful food. Subsequently, a joint task force was set up with the public security organs to destroy 6 production and sales dens, and more than 2 tons of poisonous and harmful candy were seized at the scene.
In March 2019, the Market Supervision Bureau of Kaifu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province received a report that Fudi Health Technology Co., Ltd. held a performance commendation conference at the local hotel, at which it was announced that national leaders took the company's "Fudi small molecules" "Peptide" products, heads of national ministries praised the product's effectiveness. The Bureau promptly investigated the parties and found that the above-mentioned publicity was not true and constituted an illegal act of false commercial publicity of its products.
The above two cases reflect common violations in the field of food safety, which are among the top ten typical cases investigated during the joint action to rectify food safety issues. Sorting out these ten typical cases, you can also see: Some people bought well-known brand wine stoppers and labels, filled and processed fake wines for sale in black dens, and some people falsely publicized through WeChat public accounts and other channels to sell a common food " KI polysaccharides are packaged as "magic drugs" that can deeply detoxify the liver, activate stem cells, and regenerate liver cells. Some people use methamphetamine pesticides illegally in the process of planting onions; and some people make and sell fake pesticides. Prohibited ingredients detected in 22 pesticide finished products ...
Zero tolerance, severe punishment for criminals
Focusing on repeated violations as the key target, "zero tolerance" for food safety violations and imposing the most severe punishment are the characteristics of this joint operation. According to Yang Hongcan, the case investigation team leader of the Joint Action Working Group and the director of the State Administration of Supervision and Administration's Law Enforcement and Inspection Bureau, the law enforcement officers conducted in-depth investigations and evidence discovery, and went up to the source and down to the flow. Any clues shall be revoked according to law, and all suspected crimes shall be transferred to public security organs.
"At the same time, implement the punishment to the people. In addition to punishing the production and operation enterprises, severely punish the directly responsible supervisors and directly responsible personnel, implement prohibition of employment and life-long prohibition of employment; Included in the "blacklist" according to regulations, and implemented joint punishment. "Yang Hongcan said that market supervision departments in various places investigated and punished 78,000 administrative punishment cases for illegal food production and operation, fined 910 million yuan, ordered 2431 households to suspend production and business operations, and revoked 157 licenses. The qualification for employment is limited to 168 people, and 1,959 cases were transferred to judicial organs, which effectively cracked down and deterred food safety violations.
Yang Hongcan said that he will further increase food safety work, thoroughly investigate illegal issues, pay close attention to them, severely punish the criminals, and never tolerate them, and use the most determined actions and strong measures to resolutely defend the people. The masses are "safe on the tip of their tongues."
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