The Second National Xiaomi Appreciation Conference

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Vigorous, too old, go to the ancient land of the party. On December 26, 2019, the 2nd National Xiaomi Tasting Conference kicked off in Changzhi, Shanxi Province, the "Capital of Xiaomi in China". The conference was co-sponsored by the China Grain Industry Association, the National Academy of Grain and Materials Reserve Bureau Scientific Research Institute, the Shanxi Provincial Grain and Materials Reserve Bureau, and the People's Government of Changzhi City. The conference was organized by the Shanxi Grain Industry Association, the Shanxi Grain Quality Monitoring Center, and the Grain and Oil Market Report. Co-organized by Changzhi Grain Industry Association. More than 60 enterprises from Shanxi, Shaanxi, Shandong, Gansu, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, the grain administrative departments, the grain industry associations, and more than 60 enterprises attended the meeting.

Vice Mayor of Changzhi: Wu Shuangqing

Chang Shuangqing, the Deputy Mayor of Changzhi City, came to the conference and delivered a speech. He said that all provinces and enterprises will talk about the millet industry, learn about the quality of millet, and discuss the future of millet. Ren Zhi, the vice chairman of the China Grain Industry Association, attended the meeting and delivered a speech focusing on improving the quality of millet industry development, innovating marketing concepts, and drawing on the experience of "Shanxi millet" brand construction.

Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of Shanxi Grain and Material Reserve Bureau: Wang Yunlong

Wang Yunlong, secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Shanxi Grain and Material Reserve Bureau, made an important speech at the conference. He pointed out that the holding of a national tasting conference meets the new needs of market development, meets the new expectations of the people's good life, and provides mutual learning for the development of millet industries in each province. I hope everyone will have extensive contacts, in-depth exchanges and deepen cooperation. Wang Yunlong emphasized that in recent years, "Shanxi Xiaomi" has seized opportunities, the brand has continued to grow and develop, and economic and social benefits have gradually become prominent. It has become an important starting point for rural rejuvenation and poverty alleviation. In the next step, we will continue to learn from the experiences and practices of various provinces, and continue to grow and strengthen "Shanxi Xiaomi". Wang Yunlong pointed out that Xiaomi Industry, as a rising industry, has huge market potential, and hopes that the provinces will strengthen cooperation in multiple dimensions, benefit each other, and seek common development.

The second National Xiaomi Appreciation Conference set up two awards, "Good Xiaomi" and "Functional Nutrition Xiaomi". Well-known Xiaomi products from nine main provinces of Xiaomi in the country participated in the competition. In the end, 27 Xiaomi products won the "Good Xiaomi" award. 20 Xiaomi products won the "functional nutrition Xiaomi" award.

During the meeting, Li Aike, the chief researcher of the National Academy of Grain Sciences, Guo Pingyi, a professor at Shanxi Agricultural University, and Cao Junjie, the sales director of Anhui Yanzhifang Food Co., Ltd. made special reports on the nutritional and health functions of millet, the dynamics of the millet industry in Shanxi, and the sales of millet products. Representatives from enterprises in Jilin, Hebei, Shaanxi and other provinces introduced Xiaomi products.

In order to strengthen inter-provincial interoperability, the conference also signed a contract between enterprises. Shanxi Xiaomi Operation Center Co., Ltd. and Fuzhou Grain Wholesale Market Management Office, Dongguan Changping Grain and Oil Market Operation Management Co., Ltd .; Changzhi Xiaomi Operation Center Co., Ltd. with Anhui Yanzhifang Food Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Grain and Oil Logistics Center Wholesale Trade Market Co., Ltd. And Suzhou Grain Wholesale Trading Market Service Co., Ltd. respectively signed strategic cooperation agreements.

On December 27, the "Shanxi Xiaomi" brand construction promotion meeting was also held. The meeting summarized, analyzed and judged the situation, the progress made, and the planned layout of the "Shanxi Xiaomi" brand construction. Director Wang Yunlong put forward ten key tasks of "Shanxi Xiaomi" brand construction in 2020, and clarified the development direction of "Shanxi Xiaomi" brand construction in the next step.

This tasting conference is a grand event for the development of the Xiaomi industry. The provinces have extensively exchanged their experiences in the development of the Xiaomi industry, demonstrated the brand image of Xiaomi, and sought opportunities for brand development together. The conference again showed that the millet industry is a rising industry, and the continuous expansion of inter-provincial exchange platforms is of great significance to the high-quality development of the millet industry across the country.

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