Forced-feeding goose and duck scolding team develops alternative method to produce foie gras

Date: 2019-12-27 Source: China News Network Browse: 245
China News Service, December 27th. According to the "Central News Agency" report, goose and duck liver sauce is a traditional French dish. As society attaches importance to animal rights, the goose and duck liver sauce made by forcible feeding has attracted criticism. The French team used the characteristics of eating a lot of geese before migration and cooperated with intestinal flora research to develop foie gras without feeding.
According to reports, the French National Institute of Health researcher Remy Burcelin has developed a method for making foie gras sauce without filling. Go public.
The traditional method of making foie gras is to feed it regularly, and this method often attracts critical sounds of animal cruelty. Busserland and a team of researchers from the new biotech company found a way to produce foie gras without feeding.
Busserin studied the phenomenon of fatty liver in humans and observed that the intestinal flora played a certain role in the process of fat storage in the livers of obese and diabetic patients. He imagined applying this process to animals and doing some experiments. The results were very successful, and the research team decided to work with friends to set up an experimental farm in Ariège, southern France, to raise some geese.
The report pointed out that the Egyptians discovered the natural phenomenon that the flock of geese eat a lot of food every year before going to warm places every winter for thousands of years. This phenomenon has become increasingly ineffective in the process of flocks adapting to their living conditions. All the research team has to do is re-trigger this natural phenomenon.
The research team explained: "This phenomenon of overeating has two effects, one is to bring rich energy to the organism, the other is to adjust the intestinal flora, and the enzymes in the intestine interact with the liver to promote fat storage. "
After 3 years, the research team picked out the most suitable strains to help the herd digest the corn and obtain the excellent foie gras. The first batch of new foie gras produced by this method has been on the market recently. The price is 125 g per can. Euro (about 970 yuan).
This is a small revolution for the goose and duck liver sauce industry. Due to growing opposition from animal protection groups and animal lovers to feeding, some countries or regions, such as California and India, have banned the sale or import of goose and duck liver sauce made by feeding. Goose and duck liver sauce industry.
The new foie gras got better response than expected in the market. The research team hopes to sell this product to places where there is a ban. After raising enough funds, it also wants to expand the successful experience gained on the goose flock to the duck flock.
Busserin said the ideal is to produce 2,000 to 3,000 foie gras by 2020, which means that 600,000 euros will be needed, half of which will be used to build new production plants.
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