Sanglinqiu Winery: the beauty of being close to the land

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The Toscana region, where the Poggio del Moro winery is located, has a long tradition of wine. The wine-producing region here has always been known for its superior terroir, long winemaking tradition and high-quality wines.

Sanglinqiu Winery: the beauty of being close to the land

Sanlinchu Winery is located near Montepulciano in the province of Siena. This area is the famous Chianti Colli Sensi DOCG legal area Siena hill sub-region, Chianti dry red (Chianti) wine is one of Italy's most famous and important representative wines. What made Tania Kuznetsova, the founder of the distant Russia winery, choose this place as the starting point for building a dream winery?

Tania has worked in the luxury real estate industry for many years and has a successful career and economic foundation. When she was determined to regain her childhood dreams and devoted herself to winegrowing and winemaking, she considered France, Spain and Italy. Compared to the strong commercial atmosphere, the mode of living in the city and only going to the manor when needed, Toscana's traditional wine industry is close to the land and close to the nature, which attracts Tania, During her stay in Florence, Italian art, architecture and cuisine also fascinated her.

Sanglinqiu Winery: the beauty of being close to the land

After visiting and inspecting, Tania finally found the ideal location in the Val d'Orcia and established the Poggio del Moro winery. She respects the traditional style of Tuscany, and pursues the maximum expression of terroir with her love for nature and the most meticulous care for grapes. In the estate, in addition to grapes, many crops are planted. The estate currently produces agricultural products such as jams (plums, figs, white grapes), honey, extra virgin olive oil, and tomato sauce.

Sanglinqiu Winery: the beauty of being close to the land
Sanglinqiu Winery: the beauty of being close to the land

The love of the land and the dream of making beautiful wines were the initial motivation for Tania to join the wine industry. Behind her is a young international working team, who enthusiastically brings them from all over the world. It is through their efforts and respect for tradition and respect for nature that the winery Poggio del Moro was able to Rapid development and embarked on the international stage.

One of the representative red wines of the winery is RASEA IGT Super Tuscan 100% Sangiovese. This wine is made entirely from Sangiovese grapes. The grapes are from the "noon garden". The style follows the Tuscan tradition. The aromas of dried tobacco, cinnamon and roasted coffee beans are charming and rich. Black cherry. And the aroma of raspberries is elegant and delicate. On the palate, this wine shows a fascinating balance, full body, solid tannins and strong minerals, with a long aftertaste.

Sanglinqiu Winery: the beauty of being close to the land

Another important red wine of the winery is the classic Chianti Colli Senesi Riserva DOP. This wine is blended with 90% Sangiovese grapes and 10% Shiraz grapes. The wine grapes come from the "early morning garden" and "noon garden" in the plantation-that is, the morning and noon can receive light Vineyard with unique aromas of cherry, plum and shrubs, delicate tannins, elegant and smooth taste.

Rosato Toscana IGT, a Sanctuary of Santorini winery, is made from 100% Sangiovese grapes, with an elegant coral red appearance, with violet and iris aromas. With subtle almond notes.

Sanglinqiu Winery: the beauty of being close to the land

In simple terms, Poggio del Moro's dry red, dry white and rosé wines are simple and easy to drink, reflecting the superiority of Tuscan terroir without losing the balance of modernity. It has achieved excellent results in the international market, especially Russia and the United States.

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